About Me

My Story


I was born in June 1970 at Tampa General Hospital.  I am a fourth-generation citizen of Tampa and grew up in the North Tampa area. My love of literature began in grade school when I attended Carrollwood Independent Day School. I read such titles as "Great Expectations”, “Julius Caesar", "Animal Farm", and "The Oxbow Incident". I also came to love the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle. My love of books would eventually push me towards writing.  

I worked as a lifeguard in my youth, ran a latchkey program as well as being active in several political clubs while I attended the University of South Florida. I honed my writing skills writing articles in everything from my high school newspaper to regional political publications. I have also written things mundane as office procedures and product instructions. I have written two novels to date Dux Imperatorius and The Rightful Heir. I am currently working on a new fantasy novel that takes place across rural America in the year 1905.

In June 2011 a blood clot burst in my spinal column which led to the discovery of Ewing's Sarcoma, a childhood form of cancer. Despite being given less than a 50% chance of surviving and told that I would never have normal function in the lower half of my body, I beat cancer and have almost no numbness or paralysis below the waist. I attribute this to my faith in God.

I am also a Tampa Bay Lightning fan and a long-suffering Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. I  have an in-depth knowledge of classic films, an infatuation I have suffered since college.